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How is it working here

We are passionate about people and enchanting them motivates us

Whether they are from our team, our clients’ team or those who have contact with our brand casually. Whether in a physical meeting or 100% digital. Whether in the office, in a cafe or at home. We work as a team to create experiences that enchant and that are kept in the heart.

We are equal, we are human

We are a mix of talents. We have different skills, different accents and different personalities, what unites us and makes us the same is the desire to offer our best version always, whether in the small tasks of everyday life or in large projects.

Knowing how to respect differences and applaud the success of colleagues is a basic premise for being a Pontaltecher


We take care of our people

We understand that our talents grow and evolve when we offer an environment that provides well-being and health. For this reason, we have programs that take care of our entire team with the affection that it deserves, both physically and psychologically.

We also know that technology advances every day and that we need to invest in knowledge in order to have the best professionals in our team, for this reason, we offer and encourage participation in courses, training and lectures.

But what good would it do to have such an incredible environment in here if we didn't do our part to change the world? Nothing! So we, Pontaltech and pontaltechers, created the project "Come and change the world with us", which unites company, team, customers and partners in actions that spread the good throughout the country.

A great place to work

We are a GPTW company

Knowing that the pontaltechers admire and positively recognize the company's climate, and more, that they are proud to work here, is a cause of great joy for us. This is being a GPTW company.
Just so you can better understand our climate, our grades for pride and camaraderie are 95 and 96, respectively. 😊

Our Team

I'm Pontaltecher


To be a Pontaltecher is to be immersed in an environment with a lot of exchange and learning. It is also having the opportunity to make all these leanings reflect on our projects, clients and careers. I am very happy working in a place where I learn every day with a team that helps me to grow.

Vanessa Alves

Share knowledge

I discovered what it is to be a Pontaltecher before I was even hired. I was impacted at first contact and when I received the return from the selection process. That's when I was sure that I was starting a journey in a special place.

Here I can be myself, I am free to create, propose improvements and question. For me, being a Pontaltecher is to be part of a great team that has no vanity, each project is a great exchange in which everyone contributes by sharing their knowledge.

Victor Araújo

Work environment

Today being a Pontaltecher for me is to be professionally happy. It is to be in a light and healthy environment (physical or not) to work on. It is to deal daily with leaders and partners who are always willing to understand and help you, it means being in a company that thinks of employees as people.

It is to be sure, that every day we will have new challenges and new opportunities, these are some points that motivate me every day to wake up and do my best. Thank you Pontaltech !!!!

Eduardo Santos



Work with us

We know you were crazy to come here and we really understand you because we've all been there too 😉

Come be a pontaltecher!