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Use SMS's simplicity and high reach to communicate

SMS is ideal for companies of all segments and sizes. This channel, in addition to being very efficient, is perfectly suited to any communication strategy.

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Why SMS?

SMS is one of the most popular ways of sending and receiving messages via mobile phones, one of the most used technologies in the communication of companies with their customers and an excellent channel to improve the performance of the actions.

The delivery of messages is made in real time and its reach reaches 98%. Another positive point is its receptivity, about 90% of people view SMS in up to 3 minutes.

The possibilities of use are numerous and can be inserted throughout the customer's journey. SMS is ideal for disseminating important information and communications, sending reminders and external links, stimulating interaction and much more.

How it works?

Define within your strategy the purpose of the communication.

Create a direct message with a well-defined goal.

Send your SMS, follow the main indicators and analyze the results.

Bring your audience closer to your brand

The triggering of SMS by our platform has features to facilitate your daily life, solutions to enrich the analysis and strategies, as well as resources that make your customer's experience even better.

With Classify, our Artificial Intelligence for the billing segment, you add value to the SMS service by automatically classifying your customers’ responses, thus generating strategic insights to improve your communication.
Calendar is the functionality that saves reminders with important dates in the calendar of your customers’ cell phones or computers. The screen sent with the message still includes your brand’s logo.
Give your customers more confidence and security with Verified SMS. On the mobile message screen, instead of the short code, those 5 numbers used in traditional SMS, your company logo with the Google security seal will be displayed.

The most complete SMS platform

With high performance and totally intuitive, our platform allows sending mass SMS reaching thousands of people at the same time efficiently.

Our technology ensures secure and fast delivery, including receipt confirmation and digital certificate with encryption. We also have the intelligence to avoid sending in consecutive days and a response panel, which makes the platform a chat. Our reports are customized to extract the most relevant and important data for your company.

Our platform is flexible and strategic, which allows us to operate in different segments and for different types of actions and campaigns. How can we help you?


Stories to inspire

Startup increase by 500% the amount of SMS sending, it’s main conversion channel

Quite Já, a company that innovated the way to negotiate debts, was looking for a SMS service that offered quality, competitive price and, mainly, security. And it was through our solution, and all technical and strategic support, that they achieved the success of their actions. The channel growth was 5 times.

Contracted Services


Retail store had increased 70% in demand for payment and trading channels

The Edmil Stores network needed to improve its communication through SMS, because the service used took time to deliver its messages. In addition, the company faced another problem: locating its clients. With our partnership, the demand for the payment and trading channel increased by 70% with SMS actions.

Contracted Services


We are much more than a tool

We offer our partners much more than an SMS platform. Our team is ready to give full support, both in strategic and technical support.
Ready to impact your results with SMS? Count on us!

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Innovate with Google's new messaging service and communicate dynamically and interactively.

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Increase the credibility of your communication with Google`s technology that allows the inclusion of your brand name and logo.


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