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Delivery intermediary gains efficiency when using our SMS solution

Box Delivery had an exponential growth in recent months! The company was searching for a partner that could accompany its continuous growth and help creating a more practical and secure communication channel. So They found Pontaltech and choose our SMS service.

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“Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, delivery was a tool that has increased a lot, becoming essential. The Compay followed this growth and, with the objective of making communication with customers as agile as our services, we chose Pontaltech, which proved to be an intuitive means and with excellent customer service. “
Ana Beatriz Noya
Head of Marketing


In addition to push through the back office, Box Delivery needed another way to communicate with customers, quickly and assertively, therefore the need to hire Pontaltech.


After understanding Box Delivery’s needs, we present our SMS delivery platform, which has the resources the company was looking for to continue growing, such as: guaranteed delivery and facility when segmenting the public. The onboarding went really well. And Box Delivery’s team proved, in the early days, that our platform is intuitive and, quickly, could focus on what was most importante: getting even closer to the delivery customers and establishments.


Our partnership has proven that SMS is an efficient channel for those who need agility, as it is with Box Delivery and their audience: deliverymen and establishments. The channel that was previously used only for a few transactions, could be expanded, mainly used as an information channel and accompanying the company’s growth. Today, SMS is part of the company’s marketing routine to make communication effective.

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