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Fintech innovates with RCS, increases trading rate by 13x and generates 5x more engagement

The billing company has announced that it uses the new messaging standard offered by Google in its campaigns. Without human intervention, it used the feature where customers interact only with clicks on pre-programmed options, all in an automated way.

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“The first campaigns were really successful. We will keep the partnership working with RCS and improving strategies to get even better results.”
André Oliveira


Fintech Adimplere wanted to get even better results from their collection campaigns. As communication technology advances and consumer behavior changes, they understood the need for innovating through new channels.


The company found in RCS a way to insert some of their actions. Despite being a new channel, our team showed, through all resources available, it would be possible to achieve better results. We held meetings to set strategies, goals and flows to stimulate interaction.


Giving priority to customer autonomy, the campaigns by Adimplere with RCS went beyond all expectations. Results were astonishing. The level of engagement with the channel was almost five times bigger compared to an SMS action, and the relative trading fee was thirteen times greater. Some other positive data was regarding the speed: 85% of the deals were done in less than three minutes, 100% digitally and in just one environment, all with security and confidentiality. Figures of the results strengthen the level of credibility of the tool. With RCS, users are quickly shown to the company’s identity and their privacy policies. Navigation is simple: no changing of environments with the traditional link to direct customers to a webpage, a method that could be associated with phishing (fraud).

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