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Startup increases in 500% the quantity of SMS sent, their main conversion channel

Quite Já is transforming the debt negotiation model in the country through digital channels. They were able to integrate the traditional SMS into the mix of channels used by them.

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“Our company has grown bigger, and in the meantime we’ve built a marvelous and transparent relationship with Pontaltech, which was essential for us to get where we are now.”
Luiz Henrique Garcia
CEO & Founder


Quite Já had high expectations regarding the company’s growth. Fintech is standing out on the digital transformation scenario of Brazilian debt collection market, and SMS communication cannot be left out of their strategy. Due to the great volume of messages and the need for instant communication, there could be no slowness in their delivery. That was when, in search of a solution that offered quality, security, speed and a fair price, they found Pontaltech.


Our team went deep into the model and strategies of Fintech, in order to find ways to ensure efficient and fast communication, which was essential for the company to achieve their bold goals. During the implementation process, with a lot of exchange and teamwork, we found a way inside the flows so that the sending process was appropriate to our partner.


Now, Quite Já helps thousands of people pay their debts, keeping an effective relationship during the entire customer journey. The company has not stopped growing and, since our partnership started, increased in 500% their communication through the channel. As proof of their success, they have their customers’ trust and are highly recommended on websites like Reclame Aqui (Brazil’s most popular service rating website).

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Startup increases in 500% the quantity of SMS sent, their main conversion channel

Quite Já, a company that innovated how you negotiate debts, was looking for an SMS service that could provide quality, competitive pricing and, mostly, security. And through our solution and technical and strategic support, they achieved success in their actions. Their channel growth has been increased by five times.

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A typical Brazilian play called “Correio elegante” was made in the company, using the our Chatbot and SMS.

The main pourpose was to encourage the interaction of the entire team. And the action was a success. We managed to keep our team engaged, without breaking the isolation, due to the pandemic, by integrating Chatbot and SMS and creating an action that provided a moment of relaxation and interaction between the entire team, which has been working in home office for more than a year.

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