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Startup increases in 500% the quantity of SMS sent, their main conversion channel

Quite Já, a company that innovated how you negotiate debts, was looking for an SMS service that could provide quality, competitive pricing and, mostly, security. And through our solution and technical and strategic support, they achieved success in their actions. Their channel growth has been increased by five times.

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Fintech innovates with RCS, increases trading rate by 13x and generates 5x more engagement

Adimplere, a company that uses data science, analytics and artificial intelligence in their billing operations, in a partnership with Pontaltech, created interactive campaigns with RCS, with no human intervention, setting user autonomy as a priority. And the result was beyond expectations.

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Consortium company gains agility by integrating Chatbot and SMS in lead nutrition

After integrating our Chatbot with SMS and CRM tool, Ademicon provided facility to their potential customers through self-service and also pleased directors, managers and, above all, their sales consultants, who were able to get more information in record time.

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Digital billing company increases the return of its emails by 30%

Meirelles & Freitas – Cobrança Digital has a process optimization in their DNA in order to achieve better results; and it was our email platform that provided their company with agility. Through resources used to personalize communication, in addition to a high performance delivery, the company increased response rate in 30%.

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