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To be inspired

We love to build successful stories with our partners

We live for the success of each of our customers. Find some cases that fill us with honor and pride. Check it out!


We launched RCS in the market through a cross selling action and increased 65% of engagement customer

For the official launch of RCS at Pontaltech, we prepared a cross selling action. We used the RCS itself to demonstrate, in practice, the resources and possibilities that this new communication channel offers companies and how it can accelerate the sales process through integration with human service.

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A typical Brazilian play called “Elegant Mail” was made in the company, using the our Chatbot and SMS.

The main pourpose was to encourage the interaction of the entire team. And the action was a success. We managed to keep our team engaged, without breaking the isolation, due to the pandemic, by integrating Chatbot and SMS and creating an action that provided a moment of relaxation and interaction between the entire team, which has been working in home office for more than a year.

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Chatbot and SMS

Delivery intermediary gains efficiency using SMS

Box Delivery had an exponential growth in recent months! The company was searching for a partner that could accompany its continuous growth and help creating a more practical and secure communication channel. So They found Pontaltech and choose our SMS service.

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Quite Já

Startup Quite Já increases in 500% the quantity of SMS sent, their main conversion channel

Quite Já, a company that innovated how you negotiate debts, was looking for an SMS service that could provide quality, competitive pricing and, mostly, security. And through our solution and technical and strategic support, they achieved success in their actions. Their channel growth has been increased by five times.

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The next successful story may be with your company

Get in touch and talk to one of our experts. We are sure that together we will find the ideal solution and the best strategy to overcome challenges and achieve success.