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Nexus Contact Center increases the email delivery rate by 25% with our platform

Nexus Contact Center had to hire more staff in order to meet new customer contact demands, right after starting to use our new email platform.

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“Pontaltech gives us support by keeping in close contact and helping with what we need. They constantly show us new resources and point out opportunities for better strategies, in addition to the excellent support.”
Nicolly Meurer
Operational Manager


The company Nexus Contact Center made little use of the email communication with their customers because the delivery rate was too low, with an average of 58%. That affected directly their revenue, as emails are an excellent channel for their business segment.


Nexus team managed to migrate quickly all their email communications to our platform. They adapted their visual identity, segmented their contact base and kept a close eye on the results. All of that was done in an easy and intuitive way, with no need for any technical skills. The solution for the company’s problem was found due to two main reasons: first comes our technology. It is aligned with the analysis criteria of the main providers, and our internal work of the infrastructure, which ensures better delivery with reputation management, blacklist validation and plenty of monitoring. The second reason is our platform’s differential, which measures the possibility of an email going to the spam box and allows previous adjustments to the templates.


With a tool to meet their needs, Nexus can now explore email advantage properly. The result was beyond any expectation: email delivery rate went from 58% to 83% and with a great volume of return from customers. Therefore, the company had to increase their receptive team to meet the new demand. Now, differently from their previous email platform, their team has more mobility, agility and comfort, as our platform is 100% cloud based and can be accessed anywhere, with no need for any local install. Another import factor is the transparency and security our platform provided. With that change, the company gained a better control of information storage and management, in addition to regular backups. We regularly send a study based on the main metrics, identifying opportunities for better strategies and communication. That was also essential for Nexus to raise the level of satisfaction of their customers.

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