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          Use a seu favor o alto poder de alcance do SMS

          Inove com o novo padrão de mensagens do Google

          Amplie a eficiência de suas campanhas

          Esteja presente no aplicativo de mensagens mais popular


          O agente virtual de voz ideal para sua empresa

          Atendimento escalável em todos os canais

          Plataforma de governança e monitoramento

          O seu workflow inteligente de receita recorrente

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The ideal virtual agent for your brand

Bring faster, fluid, intuitive and empathetic interactions to your business using the best voice resources and the latest tech in Artificial Intelligence.

atendimento ao telefone

Why having a virtual
voice agent?

Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Reduction of operating costs

Agility in service

Increased productivity

How does it work?

See the process to make your operation digital

Creation of a virtual agent based on the profile of your company and adapted to the objectives of your campaigns.

Monitoring of actions, support to strategies and identification of new opportunities.

Constant curation to implement improvements in conversational flows, including new audios and AB tests.

Why choosing Play!?

Find out the main differentials of the virtual agent created by us

Natural interactions through fluid and objective dialogues.
Notification, via SMS, of the main success indicators.
Audio availability per service step.
Technical insights to optimize growth, quality and performance.
Integration with webservices and intelligent transfer to call center.
escritório - Pontaltech

Our virtual voice agent

With Play! your company has a complete experience

100% cloud platform with campaign diagnosis and personalized dashboard.

Curation with content customization done on an ongoing basis to achieve the best results. Your company also has a dedicated professional to help create the best strategy.

In Play! information is updated in real time and the number of calls is visualized through the success funnel that shows contact attempts and answered, located and reversed calls.

For us, EVERY call matters! And for your company?

We provide the number of virtual agents necessary so that no call is ended without being answered.

In addition to optimizing your operation, keeping all voicebots busy, your company will also have a team of reserve virtual agents, who automatically come into play whenever the number of calls answered is bigger than the number of agents hired.

Ready to increase your productivity and still improve your customers' satisfaction?


Stories to inspire

Ready to improve the productivity of your operation?

Would you like to offer humanized communication, improve your customers’ experience and scale your service with the most advanced voice features?

Count on us!

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Provide secure and efficient communication through innovative features in your phone calls.


Perform automated calls from multiple channels on a single platform with humanized conversational flows.

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Innovate with Google's new messaging service and communicate dynamically and interactively.