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The power of Voice to delight customers

With the rapid growth in service automation, companies of all segments and sizes are increasingly seeking to offer interactions in the most natural way possible, mainly through voice (voicebots).

The goal for these interactions is to feel like a conversation; we call this conversational interaction.

Through the voice, it is possible to emit emotions and awaken sensations, generating greater proximity and transmitting confidence and credibility.

With Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to create virtual agents who speak naturally, understand customer questions, and best part is: they have the ability to offer a solution.

How does it work?

Creation of a virtual agent based on the profile of your company and adapted to the objectives of your campaigns.

Monitoring of actions, support to strategies and identification of new opportunities.

Constant curation to implement improvements in conversational flows, including new audios and AB tests.

A new and better way to talk to your customers

Natural interactions through fluid and objective dialogues.
Several recording options.
Accessible resources for campaign management.
Notification, via SMS, of the main success indicators.
Audio availability per service step.
Technical insights to optimize growth, quality and performance.
Integration with webservices and intelligent transfer to call center.

To us, EVERY call matters! What about you?

We make available to our partners as many virtual agents as necessary for ALL calls to be answered.

If the number of calls answered is greater than the number of contracted virtual agents, you can rest assured; we have more agents available for you!

Stop hanging up on your customer

Our proposal is more than offering personalized intelligent virtual agents with the best artificial intelligence models. Yes, we deliver that too.

Our business model promotes customer satisfaction by making available the number of virtual agents needed so that no call is closed without an answer.

With Play! you have a strategic and operational view of the campaigns in an intuitive way. It is possible to monitor the main results in real time and select the indicators that best meet your needs, in addition to defining the status of each service.

Ready to increase your productivity and still improve your customers' satisfaction?


Stories to inspire

Fintech innovates with RCS, increases trading rate by 13x and generates 5x more engagement

Adimplere, a company that uses data science, analytics and artificial intelligence in their billing operations, in a partnership with Pontaltech, created interactive campaigns with RCS, with no human intervention, setting user autonomy as a priority. And the result was beyond expectations.

Contracted Services


In just one week, Bellinati Perez implements a 100% digital operation with Play!

Bellinati Perez, a company that operates in credit recovery for the main financial institutions in Brazil, decided to invest in a more personal and humanized service by replacing the well-known ARUs (Audible Response Unit) and hybrid service with intelligent virtual agents.

Contracted Services


Have an efficient team of virtual agents 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

Would you like to offer humanized communication, improve your customers’ experience and scale your service with the most advanced voice features?

Count on us!

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