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Become part of the most used messaging app in the country

Increase your customers’ satisfaction by offering a fast, dynamic and personalized service, making the most of all available resources.

Why implement WhatsApp on my service channels?

Used by 9 out of 10 Brazilians, WhatsApp is one of the most popular channels in the world.

When applied correctly, having it for your service will take your relationship with customers to another level.

With several resources exclusively for companies, aligned with good practices and your strategy, you will reach great results, regardless of the purpose of the communication.

Through WhatsApp, it is possible to send notifications, offer support, service, keep your consumers updated on orders or requests, in addition to integrating with chatbots.

How does it work?

Send your project with your goals, intentions and supporting materials, such as conversational flows and integrations.

The next step is with us. Based on your company's objective, we will make all the necessary configurations and integrations in a careful and secure manner.

Our UX, UX Writer and curatorship teams will propose continuous improvements so that conversations with your company are improved and increasingly fluid and humanized.

Made to attract and enchant

It is possible to integrate your WhatsApp account with software, chatbots and customer service systems, all according to your needs.

There are countless possibilities for assistance: only by chatbots, only by human or mixed, in which the attendant is called only for more complex cases. You can count on us to find the best model for your company.

All communication carried out within WhatsApp is encrypted from end to end, thus ensuring data protection.
Through several attendants for a single account and the automation of responses, we enable the growth and effectiveness of your company’s communication.

We build a unique channel for your company

Our role in offering the WhatsApp channel to your company is to provide resources that will make your brand stand out, and above all, increase the satisfaction of your customers.

Each project is unique and developed with the utmost care, respecting each particularity.

We integrate the processes already used by your company; and through bots, conversational flows and artificial intelligence, we optimize your service.

That way, your customers will be able to talk to your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ready to connect with your customers on the main messaging channel worldwide?

Pontaltech WHATSAPP

Stories to inspire

Consortium company gains agility by integrating Chatbot and SMS in lead nutrition

After integrating our Chatbot with SMS and CRM tool, Ademicon provided facility to their potential customers through self-service and also pleased directors, managers and, above all, their sales consultants, who were able to get more information in record time.

Contracted Services


In just one week, Bellinati Perez implements a 100% digital operation with Play!

Bellinati Perez, a company that operates in credit recovery for the main financial institutions in Brazil, decided to invest in a more personal and humanized service by replacing the well-known ARUs (Audible Response Unit) and hybrid service with intelligent virtual agents.

Contracted Services


Offer a unique and complete experience to your customers

Ready to scale your service, improve your customer experience and measure results in order to improve your strategy with WhatsApp?
We can help you!

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