Ademicon gains agility in lead nurturing with chatbot and SMS
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Consortium company gains agility by integrating Chatbot and SMS in lead nutrition

Ademicon, the largest independent consortium administration company in Brazil, gains agility in lead nurturing and developed a strategy that unites SMS and Chatbot to qualify their leads. As a result, they were able to make their service faster and more efficient.

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“The acceptance and excitement of our team, after a partnership with Pontaltech, were remarkable. Now it is time to expand this partnership so we can make our processes more agile and efficient.”
Manoella Holzmann
Marketing analyst


Ademincon had been trying to insert a Chatbot service for a while, so that their audience could get a fast consortium plan simulation without the need for their call center. After fusing with a technology company and having a brand repositioning, that wish turned into a necessity. The possibility of a customer simulating a plan suitable to their reality and understanding Ademicon better, with no need of a person to help with the service, opened doors to rethinking the processes inside the company.


Based on the company’s profile and objectives, we set conversational flows to contemplate the whole journey of their customers through our Chatbot with the main channels of the company. After lots of discussions, we decided it would be a good strategy to integrate the Chatbot with SMS marketing actions to leverage the leads. Another important aspect to Ademicon was for new processes to bring feasibility to the operation. Facing this situation, we also integrated the Chatbot with their CRM. As a result, information comes fast and precise to the sales consultant team. One decisive factor to the success was the fact that, since the initial scope to the end of the project, the focal point was done by only one person from our team. Consequently, we were able to transmit more security and could understand better what the real necessities are, thus providing a fully customized solution.


The main reward Ademicon received with our Chatbot was to provide a fast and efficient service to their potential customers. The actions combined with SMS were a great success! The company knew how to take advantage of the great power of reach and efficiency of SMS to get their audience’s attention and direct them to the Chatbot service. As a result, with fluid and humanized conversational flows, it was possible to get to know and identify, in an automated way, the most qualified people to seal a deal. As bots offer quick replies, they saved time attendants would take to answer questions before transferring the call to a sales consultant. Now the best leads get to the consultant team a lot faster, increasing the chances of sales. It was such a huge success that the company is now in the final adjustments to insert our service in the after-sales department. As a result, they will get even more efficiency, creating a standard and making it faster to contact their new customers through real-time service.

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