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Digital billing company Meireles & Freitas increases the return of its emails by 30%

Meireles & Freitas – Cobrança Digital had a 30% increase of return for their email actions. It was due to available resources to personalize messages, and our technology, aligned with analysis criteria from the main providers. That guarantees a high performance delivery.

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“The partnership with Pontaltech offers much more intelligence to our strategy, whether it is through their own platform or a close service.”
Silvestre Moreira
Performance and productivity coordinator


The company Meirelles & Freitas – Cobrança Digital would spend too much time to create their emails. That was a hindrance to the creation process of specific messages to each type of action or customer. With a compromised delivery rate and lack of personalization, the quantity of returns was directly affected, making it more difficult to go on with negotiations.


All the Meireles & Freitas team increased their agility by using our email platform, which gives priority to user autonomy, even without technical knowledge. Now everyone at the company can create personalized layouts with the information required, all of it in an intuitive and straightforward way. The struggle to deliver the message to their customers was also solved due to the positive feedback of our technology in the criteria of the main providers.


Meireles & Freitas was able to increase the efficiency of their actions after migrating their communication to our email platform. The team gained more freedom to create personalized messages; they also had our technical help in quality control process, IP reputation monitoring and trigger control, all according to the standards required by the main providers. In the end, the company had a 30% increase in the return of their customers. They also gained strategic intelligence through a dashboard that shows, in real time, the most important metrics. And alongside with our team, automated reports have been created with the most important indicators, in favor of a culture of constant improvement.

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