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To inspire

We launched RCS in the market through a cross selling action and increased 65% of engagement customer

For the official launch of RCS at Pontaltech, we prepared a cross selling action and increased engagement. We used the RCS itself to demonstrate, in practice, the resources and possibilities that this new communication channel offers companies and how it can accelerate the sales process through integration with human service.

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“As much as we hoped, we were surprised by the results we reaped from using the RCS itself on the day we launched our platform. The features that this new channel offers facilitated engagement and generated real-time returns.”
Larissa Lopes
Marketing Manager


The RCS (Rich Communication Services) is a new communication channel that values user safety and offers many more features that encourage interaction and engagement. In this cross selling action, our goal was to offer RCS first to our customers and offer them a special price for the launch month. And what better way to present RCS than to show it in a practical way?


By using the RCS itself, we were able to explore some of the available resources, such as: image, video, carousel with information about our products and buttons for quick actions. Our UX team created fluid dialogues with clear and concise texts that led our customers to a pleasant, fluid and rich experience with new features and possibilities. By using the buttons for quick actions, we facilitate interaction with our brand. Our customers interacted with us only through clicks. And for those who wanted more information about the new Google channel, we used transshipment for human service.


We have proven, in practice, that the acceptance of the RCS is great. The strong visual appeal, together with the well-designed conversational flow, brought security and ease for our customers to interact with us. There were 1,065 messages exchanged with 65% of the base engaged. This was the percentage of customers who went through our entire flow, which contained a RCS demonstration vídeo and a carousel with our other solutions. Within this engaged customer base, 11% asked to speak with a consultant in order to learn more about RCS. On the same day of the action, 06 meetings were scheduled in which we were able to clarify questions and expose, in greater depth, all the advantages of the new messaging channel.

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