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Let your customers choose the channel they want to be served

Increase your company’s productivity by doing automated calls from multiple channels on a single platform with humanized conversational flows that bring customers closer to your team

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Why choose a Chatbot?

To ensure customer’s satisfaction and maintain a good brand's reputation, it is necessary to be present in the channels of your customer’s preference.

That is why we created Chatbot, a platform that integrates all communication channels in one place. It was developed to generate a better control of all interactions and to bring agility to customer service.

Having a platform to manage all channels, besides increasing productivity, can offer a much more efficient management and operational view. And through conversational flows and artificial intelligence, chatbot enables your business to communicate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How does it work?

We configure the chatbot based on your company’s profile and objectives. In this step, we will define the conversational flows, the department's actions and the user’s permissions.

Now, it is time to integrate the chatbot with your service’s channels, like: WhatsApp, Telegram, Business Messages, SMS, Facebook Messenger, website, e-mail and others.

After that, we will monitor the data in real time, through dashboards and we will analyze the action’s effectiveness, using customized reports that bring together your company’s key indicators.

Multichannel and complete platform

Using the chatbot you will make sure that your company’s performance is accelerated in a healthy way, and you will also gain a better control of all the interactions with your brand.

Completed conversational journeys that will reduce costs, improve performance and bring back feedback from your customer’s key enchantment points.
More efficient communication, at the right time, when transferring the calls that need human assistance.
You are able to consult, at any time, your company’s service history.
You will also reduce the time of your specialists, who are always giving technical and strategic support, but now will help you with the best practices and give you continuous improvement suggestions.

Now your company will be present in multiple channels

Our main purpose is to help your company to provide an excellent customer experience. That is why, we have created resources and functionalities that will make your communication more agile, practical, efficient, and of course, present in all the channels that your customers are.

In addition to facilitating the operation by providing the integration of several channels in one place, you will be able to create the conversational flows in a simple way, and thus be available to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week.

In the control panel you will have all the call information and conversations history. Therefore, you will be able to identify improvement’s points and have insights for new actions.


Stories to inspire

Consortium company gains agility by integrating Chatbot and SMS in lead nutrition

After integrating our Chatbot with SMS and CRM tool, Ademicon provided facility to their potential customers through self-service and also pleased directors, managers and, above all, their sales consultants, who were able to get more information in record time.

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Transform your company's digital service

Have control of all channels used by your company. Monitor key indicators, interaction content and ensure customer’s satisfaction by being present on their preferred channels.

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