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Innovate the way to communicate and provide a new experience to your customers

We are an official Google partner and aim to provide great experiences through digital communication. Discover RCS, Business Messages, SMS and Verified Call, Google products that have come to revolutionize the way your company relates to your customers.

Why innovate with Google?

Google has a culture of innovation that is most recognized worldwide. Its products and solutions, in addition to bringing a new vision, always focus on the user, which enables new and better experiences.

Its corporate communication front has 4 channels, which, in general, promote greater security and more credibility, by attesting the authenticity of companies through the logo and verification stamp. They also provide many more resources, both multimedia and ways to facilitate interaction, with improved performance of actions, regardless of the objectives.

Get to know each solution better!

Enhance your customers' experience with Google


New messaging standard that allows companies to communicate more efficiently, by providing resources that generate greater engagement and interaction, in a more attractive way through multimedia resources, such as: images, videos, audios and gifs.

Business Messages

Communication channel that allows consumers to have direct contact with your company via chat on Google's own search page. It is available in searches performed by mobile phones and is compatible with all operating systems.

Verified SMS

To help companies build trusting relationships, and also to prevent fraud, messages sent through this feature go through an analysis and customers can see the company's name on the sender along with the logo and a verification stamp.

Verified Call

Confirmation of your company's identity during the call. The name and logo of your brand appear on the call, the verification stamp and the reason for contact, important information for credibility and for safe and efficient communication.

An evolution in the messaging market

RCS is opening the door to a lighter, more attractive, dynamic, reliable and personalized communication. The advantages go for both companies and customers.

Your communications will have your company’s name, logo and a brief description, which builds greater confidence and authority for your brand.

The size of your messages can be over 160 characters, in addition to the option of multimedia content.

The delivery, made by us, is guaranteed. If your customer’s mobile phone cannot receive the RCS, we send a traditional SMS.

Greater control of campaigns and actions thanks to a greater wealth of information, such as the reading receipt

A channel to facilitate communication with your company

Increase customer satisfaction and win new ones using Business Messages, which connects your company in a practical way directly to the Google search page.

Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week automating communication through chatbots.

Features that facilitate communication with your company, such as buttons to offer convenience to customers and generate more interaction and engagement.

Increased productivity with the possibility of making several calls at the same time.

We are among the largest Verified SMS brokers in Brazil

In order to improve the experience of its customers, Verified SMS helps to increase the reliability of your company and the security of messages sent.

Messages go with your company name and logo, verification stamp, brief description of your brand and links’ previews.

Sending to the entire customer base, and to those who do not receive Verified SMS, the message will be delivered in the standard format.

We have developed a fast delivery process that takes just a few seconds for your message to reach its destination.

Innovative features for your calls

Verified Call’s goal is to improve communication with its customers over the phone by offering features that guarantee security and satisfaction.

Phone calls with your company’s logo and name, verification stamp and reason for contact, increasing the likelihood that the customer will answer.

It provides more security by allowing the customer to know who is calling and the reason for the call.

For those who do not receive a Verified Call, they receive a normal call.

If the customer cannot answer at the moment, there is an option to answer the call with a message.

Which innovation best suits your company?

The channels offered by Google have many advantages for your company, and the best is: all focused on providing an excellent experience for your customers.

In addition to increasing the confidence of your audience by reinforcing your brand through of logo, name and description, the giant of search’s channels still provide multimedia resources to delight your consumers and facilitate the relationship.

Let`s  make an impact on the way your company relates to your customers? Integrate official Google channels into your communication.


We want to facilitate your communication with your customers even more

As an official Google partner, we are aware of everything new and efficient in communication to ensure that companies connect with their customers in an agile and secure way.

We help your company from the conception of the project to the refinement of the actions, after all, we live for your success!

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