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          Use the high reach power of SMS to your advantage

          Innovate with the new Google messaging pattern

          Increase the efficiency of your campaigns

          Become part of the most popular messaging app


          The ideal virtual voice agent for your company

          Scalable service using Artificial Intelligence

          Governance and monitoring platform

          Your intelligent recurring revenue workflow

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Improve your customer experience with an intelligent workflow

Reduce operational costs by organizing, following up and optimizing the recurring revenue management of your company in all communication channels. 

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Why choose Maestro?

With Maestro, you can organize and have a better control of your recurring revenue base, which are your customers with an effective agreement, increasing effectiveness of the received and reducing any waste.

Along with workflow automation, your company can improve customer experience. It is possible to integrate the communication flow with several service channels, giving your customers the freedom to choose which channel they want to use to communicate with your company.

Are you ready to improve your campaign performance and have a better control of your actions, while still reducing costs?

How does it work?

Map important points for each step of communication journey to identify the best strategy to be used.

Choose channels to be applied and messages for each one of them.

Manage campaigns and follow up communication effectiveness in real time.

Your intelligent workflow for recurring revenue

Get a simplified agreement management and full autonomy to create communications your way and in any channel. That way, you can save some actions and improve your customer experience.

You will be free to create relationship scales, segmenting your audience and defining messages and channels.

In addition to organizing and controlling your recurring base, you will be able to follow up the actions’ dispatch and effectiveness.

In a customized way, you will have access to all preselected data and indicators according to your needs. 

Personalized service focused on constant improvements, as well as strategy assistance.

Well-defined objectives and processes to reach goals

Don’t waste any more money or time, our omnichannel platform Maestro was developed to meet all the needs of your company. From now on, you will be able to organize, follow up and control your recurring revenue base in just one place.

Automate processes with a configurable workflow, integrated with all communication channels your brand needs.

Improve your customer experience and reduce operational costs in your agreement management base.

Stories to inspire

Autonomy to your company and your customers

You can make communication your own way and in several channels, and your customers choose where they are willing to talk.

Are you ready to reduce costs, communicate more efficiently and have a better control of your recurring revenue?

We can work together and improve the performance of your actions!

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