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Complete governance and monitoring platform

Establish regulations, rules and policies to monitor communications between your partners and customers in all channels.

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Why choose Gestor?

Gestor exists to establish or maintain a good customer experience, despite their reason for calling. It is also possible to have full control of communications provided on behalf of your company and set policies according to your business.

You can set rules for time, frequency, terms and words that should be avoided and much more.

Each guideline can be applied to one or more channels and all management is done in just one platform: Gestor!

How does it work?

Stipulate regulations that must be followed by your partners in their communication with your customers.

Set which channels the guidelines established by your company must be applied and followed.

Monitor and manage communications to ensure a good customer experience with your brand.

Gestor: a great platform for management

With Gestor, you ensure a standardization to your company’s identity and brand voice, affording you a complete view of all interactions.

Add value to your business by making sure your communication is uniforms and according to the values and beliefs of your company. 

Omnichannel platform that allows you to have a centralized control of all channels used to connect with your audience.

Reduce complaints and increase customer satisfaction by offering a trustworthy experience according to your brand standards

Take your company’s compliance to your partners

Your company has unique features and your customers know, acknowledge and admire them. Therefore, it is your duty to preserve them in all communications.

Now you can instruct your partners, set rules and regulations that must be applied in contact channels with your customers, manage and monitor all interactions in just one place.

In addition, you will be able to generate customized reports of the main points that are being monitored.


Stories to inspire

Managing the communication of your company has never been so effortless

Now you have all you need to establish rules and follow up closely all interactions between your partners and customers. Learn more about how our governance and monitoring platform can contribute to make an impression on your audience.

To better understand how our platform can contribute to the enchantment of your audience, get in touch with some of our experts. Let’s Talk!

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