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Stand out in one of the most consolidated channels in the world

Complete solution with advanced features, intuitive usability and total autonomy for you to create and manage all actions and campaigns made by email.
Pontaltech Email

Why Pontaltech's email platform?

The choice of the e-mail tool is essential for the success of the communication of all companies.

Our platform has resources that can improve the performance of your campaigns, such as: focus on delivery, templates that can be customized in a practical and fast way, sending via platform, API or FTP, and online management.

There are several types of e-mail and strategies to achieve success in your campaigns, and everything can be done in a simple and intuitive way by you with our platform.

How does it work?

Set the purpose of your message and produce the content.

Create your template in an uncomplicated way or import a ready-made model.

Now leave it to us, we will take your message to your customer with the delivery status display.

We take your message to the recipient

In an easy way, you will create fully customized email templates for any stage of the customer’s journey.

A great advantage of our email platform is the possibility of attaching files. It is the ideal platform to send catalogs, billets, invoices or any other type of document.

Before sending, our platform assesses whether the content is meeting the requirements and good practices of the servers to present a Spam index.
With technology aligned with the analysis criteria of the main servers, we ensure a positive reputation assessment, ensuring the delivery of emails.
To guarantee the effectiveness of your actions, our platform reveals the status of the delivery of emails, and if your message comes back, it presents the reason, enabling the cleaning of the base.

Advanced features and intuitive usability

The purpose of our e-mail platform is very simple: to make life easier for those who use it and bring great results!

In an intuitive way, without the need for a programmer or designer, it is possible to create attractive and efficient emails.

For the maintenance of the contact base, an essential factor for a successful action, our platform identifies and presents the reason for the undelivered emails. For messages that return due to server instability, full inbox, or temporary errors, we classify them as Soft Bounce, and for nonexistent or invalid emails, as Hard Bounce.

With personalized dashboard and reports, you can follow the development of your actions or campaigns through the main indicators, such as: rates of receipt, opening and clicks, all in real time.

Use an e-mail communication to publicize your business, implement your strategies, offer special conditions, engage your audience and, above all, achieve your goals.

Stories to inspire

We are more than a tool

The possibilities for using e-mail are countless. It is an excellent channel for keeping in touch, attracting new customers, increasing sales, building customer loyalty, recovering credit and much more.

Our team is committed to working towards the success of your company’s communication with its customers.

Shall we do it together?

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