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Become a Pontaltech Partner!

Do you want to expand your product shelf, scale your financial results, and increase networking? Check out our partnership program!

What is the Pontaltech Partnership Program?


The Partnership Program is designed for companies aiming to expand their product portfolio, enhance credibility with clients, and generate financial profits
through highly scalable products.

We operate in the technology sector, the true driver of new business transformations. Your company can benefit from this and become part of an extensive network of contacts.

Become a partner with one of the largest Brazilian messaging companies, the official broker for all telecom operators in Brazil, and a Business Partner with Google!

Why become a Pontaltech Partner?

Now, you have the opportunity to scale your business through messaging. Join the ecosystem of over 500 companies that could become your clients!

✓ Increase
revenue and customer lifetime value (LTV) for your client base

✓ Build credibility for your brand by bringing innovation to your partners

See how we are contributing to the success of our partners:

Top Channels

High quality to connect companies with their customers.

Exclusive Prices

Resell our products with a healthy profit margin.


Conduct onboarding and training sessions to boost sales.

Exclusive Incentive Program

Being a Pontaltech partner comes with a range of advantages:


  • Benefits package with leading technology players
  • Opportunity management platform
  • Access to the events calendar for networking

cross sell e upsell

Discover some of our products


Enhance the efficiency of your communication with our advanced email tool.

Google Service


Innovate with Google's new messaging service and communicate in a dynamic and interactive way


Harness the high reach of SMS to acquire customers and engage your audience

Contact us

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    We are innovation specialists

    By 2027, the private sector is expected to generate $135 billion, equivalent to millions of possibilities for new businesses emerging by then.

    In Brazil alone, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector’s  projected to reach $80 billion in 2023, with a 41% growth expectation for investments in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

    We represent progress in the face of an increasingly challenging landscape. Our goal is to provide comprehensive experiences that connect businesses, people, and technology with professionalism and credibility in our industry, simplifying communication through quality technology without ever losing the human touch.

    Innovation is at our core. We are the ideal partner to help you seize the best opportunities in the technology sector!

    Our Purpose

    We live for the success of EACH one of our clients in communicating with EACH one of their customers

    This is our purpose, and it guides our path.

    Customers are our reason for being. We take care of them with care and attention, always striving to deliver our best and exceed expectations. We have the courage to do things differently, innovate without fear of making mistakes, giving our best in everything we do.

    We maintain elevated levels of quality and standards, we are transparent in all situations, and that is how we build lasting and trustworthy relationships.