How to make Elegant Mail made with Chatbot and SMS?
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To inspire

A typical Brazilian play called “Elegant Mail” was made in the company, using the our Chatbot and SMS.

The main pourpose was to encourage the interaction of the entire team with Elegant Mail. And the action was a success. We managed to keep our team engaged, without breaking the isolation, due to the pandemic, by integrating Chatbot and SMS and creating an action that provided a moment of relaxation and interaction between the entire team, which has been working in home office for more than a year.

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“We had a light and fun day. Our action helped to create a sense of belonging in everyone, in addition to being a great way for new employees to get to know our entire team.”
Camila Paiva
People and Management Superintendent


For over a year our team has been working from home. We have always been a company that values social interaction, and enjoys having parties and sharing informal moments, but with the pandemic we had to adapt and reinvent ourselves. We constantly take action to integrate the entire team, and in this time, we took advantage of on of the brazilian’s June celebrations to create a play called “Correio Elegante” and use our products: Chatbot and SMS. The main objectives were: to encourage interaction between all the people on our team, to present our products in a practice way and also to bring relaxation and good humor throughout that day.


The “Correio Elegante” was an idea of the People & Management team and was fully supported by the Product and Marketing teams. We turn the famous and traditional “Correio elegante” play into a digital game. We created a flow in our Chatbot with an Artificial Intelligence that recognizes the initials of our contributors’ names. After typing the name’s initial of the person who they wanted to send a message, a carousel of cards was presented with the photo of each employee with that initial. Once the person who would receive the message was chosen, by clicking on the card, it was time to type and send the “love” message. Behind each card was the cell phone number of our team members. We integrated Chatbot with SMS so that all teasers were sent from a single shortcode, making it impossible to know who sent them. We also used our Superfast API, which made the game effective and in a real-time delivery.


Our team joined in and our action was a success. We had a light Friday, in a relaxed atmosphere, in which everyone participated and felt free to share the messages they received in our Slack group, the internal channel we use to communicate daily. Thus, everyone interacted with the messages sent, laughing and getting to know the messages of our Pontalovers. There were 361 fired messages and a total of 4,820 interactions. As the action took place throughout the day, we had some moments of higher volume of messages sent, even simultaneously. Our action using Chatbot integrated with SMS was a success. The “Correio elegante” play helped us to create a sense of belonging and opened doors for employees, who arrived in the home office system, to get to know everyone. We managed to keep our team engaged without breaking the isolation, which has been respected since the first day it was required.

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