Bellinati Perez implements 100% digital operation in one week
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To inspire

In just one week, Bellinati Perez implements a 100% digital operation with Play!

Bellinati Perez seeks to negotiate with the best ways to make people’s lives easier and was surprised by the efficiency and potential of Play!. The assistance by virtual agents, which would initially be done for 20% of its portfolio, was carried out for the entire base.

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Nexus Case da Pontaltech
“Having Pontaltech as a partner goes beyond having a supplier of digital channels. The sum of expertise, from both companies, makes us constantly improve our ways of facilitating negotiations, and of course, achieve striking results”
Erdel Santos
Collection superintendent


Bellinati Perez needed a more personal and humanized performance than the message and locating ARUs they used. They understood that providing a self-service on the customer’s journey would be a solution that they should invest. As a result, they started looking for tools in order to guarantee a process that would reach 70% of their portfolio without human contact, after a few months.


The solution to the needs of Bellinati Perez was made by four hands, with the involvement of both teams. The business and operational areas were involved from the adequacy of conversational flows to the approval of the appropriate layout to the determinations of the financial institution that Bellinati was representing. The result achieved was only possible thanks to the support of the teams that handled the entire process very well until its implementation.


After the deployment of Play! in Bellinati Perez’s operation, it was proven possible to attend 100% digitally every customer journey. The action plan was to mature the new service model in 6 months. The initial idea was to start with limited resources and few virtual agents, and then gradually increase it, as results were analyzed. The action, which was previously hybrid, was put to the test from the beginning of the “first hello” to the closing, in which customers were taken to the payment channels, all without human interaction. Escaping conservative expectations, in less than 1 week, Bellinati Perez was already working with the full potential of Play!, managing to operate all its services only with virtual agents. The success was so great that Bellinati Perez won 2 awards that made the company a reference in digital solutions.

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