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          Use a seu favor o alto poder de alcance do SMS

          Inove com o novo padrão de mensagens do Google

          Amplie a eficiência de suas campanhas

          Esteja presente no aplicativo de mensagens mais popular


          O agente virtual de voz ideal para sua empresa

          Atendimento escalável em todos os canais

          Plataforma de governança e monitoramento

          O seu workflow inteligente de receita recorrente

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We connect companies, people and technology

Take your customer relationship to the next level! We are specialists in communication channels such as SMS, RCS, Virtual Voice Agents and more.

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About us

Why choose Pontaltech?

We help companies from different sectors delight their customers and evolve their processes through digital transformation of their communication channels.

We value transparency and a high level of quality. We also have a talented team dedicated to bring the success to your company.

This is our way of being and that is what we exist for.


Offer a complete experience


Increase the credibility of your business and make communication more attractive by using multimedia resources and buttons that provide interactivity and a better experience for your customers.

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Use the most accepted and used channel to improve the performance of your actions, all in an intuitive way.

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Effective and humanized service through personalized virtual agents. And the best part: we guarantee all calls are getting through.

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Results of trust,
quality and innovation


4 Billion+

messages a year


Top 5

largest SMS companies
in Brazil



customers served


Google Partner

we are Google’s strategic
and innovation partner


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Are we going to revolutionize the service of your company?

Use technology to simplify communication with your customers, without ever losing human proximity. Schedule a conversation with one of our experts.